Frequently Asked Questions

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What COVID19 precautions will camp be taking this summer to ensure the health and safety of campers, staff, and families?”

In 2021 we utilized the below precautions and successfully ran overnight camp without any positive Covid-19 cases. As we prepare for the 2022 summer season we will be reviewing these policies as well as any additional state guidance put in place to determine our 2022 plan. We will likely still utilize many of these policies but hope to see some more flexibility in 2022. We will notify our community of any changes to these policies.

  • All Summer staff received Covid-19 vaccines prior to working with youth.
  • Eligible youth were asked to be vaccinated prior to arrival.
  • All youth required to have negative Covid-19 test within 5 days of arrival to camp.
  • Drive-thru check-in and check-out done in our on-site parking lot. No bus service offered in 2021.
  • Cabin group cohorts.
  • Outdoor dining and dining in cohorts.
  • Masking when in larger group settings.


What Camp Namanu programs are still on pause for the 2022 season?

This year we are able to bring back half-week sessions for our Blue Wing aged campers. Unfortunately, the following programs are still on pause: Mini Blue Wing, Outpost, Adventure Days, Trail Rides, and our Ranch program.

When will Gears & CIT applications be available to new applicants?

Gears & CIT applications will be released in late November with decisions made by January 2022. Note: not all applicants are admitted to the programs.

Will Camp Namanu be offering bus transportation for the 2022 Summer season?

In 2021, we were not able to offer bus transportation to or from camp and switched to all on-site drop-off or pick-up. At this time we are hoping to bring back some bus transportation in 2022, however we will likely not be able to make a final decision until closer to summer.

What should my camper pack?

A packing list can be found in our Camper Handbook located on our Camp Resource Page [LINK]. An updated Camper Handbook will be released in early 2022 however our packing lists stay consistent year after year.

What happens if my camper loses something at camp?

Any camper items that remain in our lost and found at the end of a session will be cleaned, sorted and delivered to our downtown office within 1 week of the session ending. To follow up on a lost and found item contact the registrar by email at Please include “LOST & FOUND” and the session that your camper attended in the subject line. Any remaining items not retrieved 3 weeks after the session ends will be donated.

Do I need to register and pay a deposit before I can apply for financial assistance?

Before processing your financial assistance application, you must be registered for camp and have paid a deposit. If families are unable to pay the deposit please call our registrar, Shane Sibold, at 971-710-2208 to discuss options. There are no guarantees for financial assistance awards but we strive to provide every family that requests

Do I need to pre-purchase a camp t-shirt at registration?

Every registered camper will receive a free camp t-shirt during their session at camp. Sizes will be collected during the registration process. Additional camp shirts and other merchandise can be purchased in our on-site camp store.

How does Camp Namanu approach gender identity and supporting LGBTQIA2S+ campers?

At Camp Namanu we believe every camper is an individual and has the right and opportunity to be authentically themselves at Namanu. We recognize that to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming space for all youth requires ongoing reflection and work. Namanu is committed to the ongoing work of equity, diversity and inclusion. More importantly, we let all families know up front that Camp Namanu is a safe space for youth and bullying, harassment, or anything less than exuberant acceptance is not tolerated. Additional information about the steps we are taking to support our LGBTQIA2S+ community member visit our “Supporting LGBTQIA2S+ Youth” page.

My camper has a disability/specific needs. What accommodations are you able to make?

We strive to make Camp Namanu an inclusive and caring community for all. We are currently part of a 3-year grant process to review our facilities and provide funds to make camp more ADA accessible. However, currently our rugged site can pose challenges for some campers with physical disabilities. Similarly, we do our best to make accommodations for campers with behavioral/emotional specific needs. If you have concerns about your camper’s ability to be successful within the constraints of our rustic accommodations, please contact the Director of Programs to discuss options. Site tours are available upon request. Gina “Sprout” Sander, Camp Namanu Director of Programs, 971-710-2223,


What happens if my camper gets sick while they are at camp?

Most of the health concerns at camp consist of scraped knees and simple headaches. For minor health issues such as these, we typically do not contact families. We have an on-site health care team to support the well-being of every staff and camper. For any serious or persistent health concerns, or those requiring outside medical treatment, you will be notified by phone as soon as possible. In the event a camper displays Covid-19 symptoms, we will house them in an individual sleeping space in our health center and contact their guardian to discuss options.

My camper signed up with a friend. How will we know if they are in the same cabin?

When registering for a session of camp, there will be an option to request a cabin buddy.  In order to honor these requests, they must be in the same unit and session, we also recommend that both buddies list the other during registration.  NOTE: A half session and a full session that have some corresponding dates are not the same session and will not be in the same cabin.  We recommend providing one name for a cabin mate request.  Our goal for bunking is to give all campers the best opportunity for success at camp with old and new friends.

During the check-in on the first day of the session you can confirm cabin buddies with the on-site camp staff.


What do I do if I need to drop my camper off late or pick them up early from a session?

We prefer that all campers arrive during our scheduled drop-off time and ride the pre-arranged buses at the end of the session. However, if you require an alternative option due to unexpected circumstances, please reach out to the Camp Director as early as possible to ensure our staff are prepared to support this option. Gina “Sprout” Sander, Camp Namanu Director of Programs, 971-710-2223,


What if I need to speak to you right before my camper comes to camp?

If you need to connect with us during the evenings or weekends we recommend calling the Camp Namanu office directly or checking in with a staff member during your session check-in. NOTE: All camp staff are off from 4:00 pm Friday – 10:00 am Sunday, we will review email and voicemail promptly upon return on Sundays prior to check-in.

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