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Friends of Namanu works to keep the traditions of Camp Namanu alive through donations and direct service. This group is a part of Camp Fire Columbia.


Friends of Namanu was established in 1992, as The Camp Namanu Alumni Association. As we have grown over the years, the members decided that Namanu had a place in many people’s hearts, including some that were not specifically alumni. Changing the name of the organization was done in an effort to include all those that have spent time at Namanu that have a desire to be involved in supporting the camp.

What We Do

Friends of Namanu creates opportunities for individuals to be involved in the Namanu community in many active ways, like service weekend volunteer shifts and camp store staffing hours. The members also raise critical funding for the improvement and restoration of Camp Namanu and camp-related projects. Over the last five years, members have raised or contributed over $50,000, and provided countless volunteer hours for a variety of projects and programs.

  • Hold Monthly Committee Meetings that help steer our work
  • Operate the Camp Store during the summer months
  • Provide supplies and yearly maintenance to The Weavery program at camp
  • Financially support annual projects and CIT Scholarships
  • Support three Volunteer Service Weekends at camp each year
  • Host the Friends of Namanu Weekend each September
  • Help gather needed supplies for the summer camp program
  • Create social gatherings for folks to gather and share a common love of Namanu
  • And so much more!


  • Annual Auction at the Friends of Namanu Weekend
  • Camp Store
  • Direct Contributions
  • Friends of Namanu Reunion

What members receive:

  • Newsletters on what is happening at camp including any upcoming activities
  • Invitations to all Friends of Namanu events
  • Opportunities to volunteer and support Namanu programs
  • The ability to locate lost Namanu friends via the Friends of Namanu database
  • Opportunities to connect with new and old friends


Contact for more information about Friends of Namanu memberships.