Kasen, age 6, attended Mini Blue Wing for his first time last summer though his first visit was to family camp in 2009 when he was 9 days old. Since then he has returned for Family Camp every year it has been offered and many service weekends, initially chilling in Raker in camp craft style play pens built of sideways benches, now eager to go on hikes and write letters to Mr Skriggleboggle. His parents, Jamie (Rana) & Krist (Chia) Sandness were staff in 1997-98. Jamie was a camper from Sherwood through CIT before becoming a counselor and Waterfront Okahi. Krist arrived in Portland after college and was a counselor in Blue Wing and then Sailing & Canoeing UD.

It is fortunate that we aren’t able to attend the upcoming March Service Weekend – the whole family is looking forward to fairies in the meadow, romps in the moss dripping forest and time with friends young and old. Though being at camp with your family is fun, Kasen is excited to venture back to camp on his own this summer and his little sister is (im)patiently waiting her turn for overnight camp. ~The Sandness Family