Activities at Camp Namanu!

The Namanu Climbing Tower, Low and High Ropes Courses, and Challenge Course offer a unique group activity for your corporate, school, youth, college, athletic team, or non-profit group to engage and connect. The course can increase your team’s communication skills, break down boundaries, facilitate conflict resolution, and discover team strengths. But more important, it is a lot of fun. The Courses are made up of a collection of cables, ropes, wooden beams, and platforms that form elements located close to the ground or as high as 50 feet in the air. Each element can be intentionally framed as a problem or metaphor for your group to solve.

Ropes and Challenge Course

Guided by certified instructors and licensed equipment, there are many ways to  make your day at Namanu unforgettable:

  • Outdoor School: Climbing and ropes course activities
  • Tailored corporate or non-profit team building exercises
  • Corporate or non-profit employee on-boarding
  • Conflict resolution workshops
  • For fun! A unique group activity close to Portland
  • Lunch at Ranch House

The Low Ropes and Challenge Course

Available to groups of 8 or more, youth 4th grade and older. The course can accommodate up to 45 participants at one time.

High Ropes Course

Available to groups of 8 or more, youth 7th grade and older. High Ropes is subject to available safety equipment. The High Ropes course also includes Low elements. Course can accommodate 30 participants at one time.


We redesigned and upgraded our pool in 2010 to make it more accessible and fun for youth of all sizes and swimming ability. Please note that the pool is solar heated and can be quite chilly in early spring and through June. Life guard must be on duty, pool hours apply. Pool capacity is 50 persons.

Climbing Wall

Climbing Tower use is available to groups of 6 or more, youth 4th grade and older. Tower use is subject to available safety equipment. Tower can accommodate up to 8 participants, rotating through 60 minute activity sessions.

Yo Sam’s Archery Range

The Namanu archery range activity is available to groups of 8 or more, youth 3rd grade and older. The range is built to serve a wide range of participants and abilities. Targets are easily moved so everyone can be challenged, or not challenged, to hit a bull’s eye. Your group can bring its own equipment and use the range for a fee, or we can supply equipment and a certified instructor. Range can accommodate up to 8 participants, rotating through 60 minute activity sessions.

Duck Pond

As early as 1924, boats were plying the waters of the Camp Namanu Duck Pond. A small stream is diverted near the eastern edge of the property, and winds its way through the site until it bubbles down past the stonework of the Nature House and forms the Duck Pond. The pond serves as home to countless amphibians, arthropods, and each spring boasts families of mallard duck and Canada geese. Rental fee includes small row boats to paddle about the pond. Life jackets are provided and a lifeguard must be on duty at all times. Additionally the ample aquatic residents of the Duck Pond make for great water science study. Bring your nets! There is no age restriction on Duck Pond Boating, but life jackets for very small children may not be available. Minimum 30 in group.