Camp is for everyone and we can help!

Camp Namanu has been providing summer camp opportunities for over 90 years to campers and if paying for camp is a barrier, we want to help because we believe that camp is for every child! Financial Assistance or “Camperships” as we like to say, are provided through generous donations by individuals, organizations and partners.

The Details

Anyone can apply for a campership! Camp Namanu wants to make access to camp possible for everyone and sometimes that means partial campership to bridge the financial gap and sometimes that means as much support as we can give.  We don’t want any camper to miss out on the magic of Camp Namanu so we try to make applying as easy as possible with support if you need it! Here are the four easy steps to applying:

  1. Register your camper for their summer session and pay the $100 deposit. If the deposit is a barrier, contact:
  2. Apply for Financial Assistance by filling out the application found here: FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION

If you need a paper copy or assistance with filling it out, contact:

  1. Wait patiently while we review your application. Review happens every two weeks starting March 1 through May.
  2. Accept or Decline your offer by responding to the email from the camp registrar. At this time, you will need to set up payments to have your camper’s session paid in full by one week before their camp session.

Note: We review and update FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION annually and may make changes during the off season. 

Important Financial Assistance Policies and Tips

  • Each camper even if they are coming from the same family has to have a separate application.
  • Only one financial assistance award per camper.
  • Financial assistance awards are not transferable to other campers but are transferable for a different session for the camper the award was given.
  • Standard cancellation policies apply to financial assistance recipients after May 15th, 2020
  • Financial Assistance applicants are subject to the following auto-payment schedule, however additional voluntary payments may be made toward the balance at any time:

20% of fees on January 16, 30% of camp fees on March 19th and remaining balance due on May 26th, 2020.