This past week we hosted Thanksgiving at Foxtato Manor (my house in North Portland). My mother, Marilyn attended, and brought with her a small cardboard box filled with shirts from my childhood.

The Duck Pond, circa 1952. Photo by Walrus' mom.

The Duck Pond, circa 1952. Photo by Walrus’ mom.

Among the soccer jerseys (“football kit” to you Sound), souvenir travel shirts, and school sweatshirts were three small, black and white photographs. “A gift,” my mother said. The photos, it turns out were of Camp Namanu, taken in the early 1950’s by my mother when she was camper!

I was reminded of the many Namanu parents who were Namanu campers, and how that connection is a special one. Because my mother was a camper we can talk about Balagan together- she remembers sleeping in the treehouses as a child. We can talk about Bluewing, Uncle Toby, and sleeping out under the stars.

We are encouraging families to “Give Camp for the Holidays” this year. I know that my connection to my mom has been enhanced by sharing Camp Namanu with her.

Share Camp Namanu with the children in your life! (Just be sure to take some pictures, too.)

-See You By The Sandy