Belated happy New Year to all,

Us here on the Namanu team are thrilled to provide you with some excellent news. After hearing the comments and requests around having family centered content out at camp we happy announce our Spring 2017 Family Activity Days and Family Cottage Weekend.

Our Family Activity Days will take place at our Camp Namanu Ranch and will focus on developing outdoor skills (building fire, orienteering, outdoor cooking, and much more) or developing our communication skills and building trust among families out on our challenge course.

Our Family Activity Dates are:

Those links will lead you to the event pages and have all the info you need to register.

The Family Cottage Weekend will take place on the weekend of April 21st-April 23rd. Sign up you and your family to come out and enjoy camp together. Row duck pond boats, go for a hike, eat meals in Raker Lodge, and if you sign up beforehand (and are 12 or older) you can play on our High Ropes Course.

Click here to find all the information you will need in order to register for the Family Cottage Weekend.

I can’t tell you all how excited we are to have all of you at Namanu for these events. we know the kids come home after their week of summer camp and brag about how much fun they had, well this is your turn to get in on it!

See you out there!

Ethan “Gumby” Gumanow

Namanu Rental Manager