Today, and every day, Camp Namanu is proud to stand with our camp community to affirm that Black Lives Matter.

Camp Namanu promises to do our best to, and to continue to learn how to, be a part of the work to eliminate structural racism and white supremacy in all of the spaces of our camp and the rest of our lives. Our goal collectively is to affirm to our communities that everyone is welcome and everyone is equally deserving of the experience of summer camp. But we understand it’s not enough to post on social media, we must take action. We know that working toward racial equity will require reflection and persistence and require us to make commitments and follow through on those commitments

Camp Namanu commits to:

Implementing screening practices for all new hires that center equity and the knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote more equitable outcomes regardless of the position they hold;

Ensuring that all staff receive training on anti-blackness, de-escalation, and racial equity;

Designating Juneteenth as a paid holiday to honor and celebrate Black excellence and liberation;

Reconvening and empowering our equity committee to hold us accountable to these commitments.

In addition to our internal commitments, Camp Namanu is reviewing our programs and values, deepening relationships with partners who share our goals, and developing policies that will shape our growth and work as an organization with our anti-racist commitment in mind.

Interested in taking action and making a commitment yourself? A good start would be to check out the #BLMatCamp website for resources and ways to spark your journey in racial justice

You can also read Camp Fire Columbia’s full Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives