Over Veteran’s Day weekend more than 90 volunteers came out to Camp Namanu to give service and their time to a place that surely needs it. Typically work weekends consist of a full day of work on Saturday and everyone takes off on Sunday, but because we had Veteran’s day off we got to dedicate a whole extra day to our camp projects.

  • The new CIT Cabin ‘Spark’ roof now has shingles!
  • We added more benches to protect our meadow from vehicles
  • The solar panels from behind the pool have been dismantled, and removed. We were also able to salvage a LOT of that wood for projects around camp.
  • We were able to completely fill a wood shed with wood for the winter, HUGE thanks to those who chopped wood almost all weekend.
  • We peeled new logs ready for the second CIT cabindsc_0326
  • We painted panels to go up into the roof of our work shop
  • Our Lodge kitchens had inventory taken!
  • The holly population at Ranch took a big hit and is almost under control!
  • Our Food Storage area was organized
  • Our kitchen volunteers fed all of our volunteers, including cooking 10 turkeys for our traditional Thanksgiving feast on the Saturday night.

Camp Namanu and the Camp Namanu Team is so grateful for all you help and support. Our next work weekend will be March 4th.

Contact Ethan Gumanow for more details, or if you have questions or concerns.