Namanu Ranch horses arrived in the last week and the riding program staff have already started working with them!

For those of you who have visited Ranch before might recognize some (long) faces. Many horses are rejoining the herd from last year: Remy, Stetson, Tigger, Snip, Roberto, Patch, and more have already arrived back at Camp!

We’ve also had some new horses join the herd, such as the newly named Lincoln.

Some fun facts about the horses at Namanu Ranch:

  • Tigger, our pretty Palomino, loves pets and cuddles!
  • Snip, who doesn’t actually have a “snip” marking, used to be a competitive jumping horse!
  • Remy is our biggest horse, and used to be part of an equestrian police unit!
  • Stetson is our only buckskin horse. His mane is three colors!
  • Daisy is the only white horse at Namanu. Her favorite color is bright pink!
  • Lincoln is new to the herd this year, but has already shown himself to be a very kind horse.


Namanu staff with our newest arrival, Lincoln

Namanu staff with our newest arrival, Lincoln

Whether new to Namanu or a veteran of many years of trail rides and “pony painting”, all of the horses are prepping for a summer of fun at the Ranch!

Check our more photos here on the Camp Namanu Facebook page, and follow along for more adventures from our 93rd summer!