namanu-odsFor the first time in many years, on Sunday, September 25, 2016, Multnomah County sixth grade students will arrive to learn about the outdoors at Camp Namanu.

Camp Fire Columbia is very excited to once again be partnering with the Multnomah Education Service District Outdoor School as a major renter of Camp Namanu!

MESD ODS will be on-site Sundays through Fridays each fall and spring. Over the course of just this school year they will bring over 2100 sixth graders from all around Multnomah County to experience Camp Namanu!

MESD ODS works to include all children in the learning process. Their commitment to inclusion, and the empowerment of youth is a great fit with Camp Fire and our mission. 

Camp Namanu first began to be used as a MESD ODS site in the fall of 1999, with current Director of Namanu Programs & Facilities Andy “Walrus” Lindberg as the first Site Supervisor. Many Camp Fire kids and staff had their first experience at Camp Namanu through the MESD ODS!

“I can think of no other program that comes so close to providing kids what we at Camp Fire know as ‘The Magic of Namanu.’ MESD ODS not only honors the mind and spirit of the children they have at camp, but they teach about the natural world using the beauty of Namanu as their classroom,” said Walrus.

Established in 1966, the Multnomah Education Service District Outdoor School program has served over 250,000 sixth grade students. The program brings sixth grade classes, and their teachers to a residential camp for a 1 to 5-night stay. From the MESD ODS website:

Outdoor School – No Child Left Inside

Oregon’s economy and employment are based on its bountiful natural resources: timber, recreational opportunities, agricultural products, water, wildlife, and minerals. The extent to which Oregon’s youngsters learn to understand and wisely use their natural resources today will largely determine their economic security in the future.

Outdoor school teaches children about the natural sciences so they can use that information as adults to become knowledgeable citizens and voters. If a child can understand the natural process, then he or she can understand those factors that affect the natural process. Outdoor School teaches the natural process… how nature works!

Welcome back to Namanu, MESD Outdoor School!

To contact MESD Outdoor School call (503)-257-1600, or email