Raker Lodge Repair Report

Built in 1952, Raker has been the hub of camp activity for generations, and a place that more than a few memories have been made. As many of you already know, Raker is our main dining lodge. It is the place where all of our campers and staff gather to connect about their day, share family-style meals and celebrate camp life with traditions that have spanned decades.

This year we had the opportunity to address some repair needed in order to sustain the life of Raker Lodge for decades to come. Water has intruded under the building and, as a result, floor joists and substructure needed to be replaced. In the process of making these repairs, there have been improvements made to drainage and ventilation of the space under the building. We are very excited to be able to replace the floor that has been worn down to the nail heads in the front of the building.

It’s exciting to see the project moving forward in big ways! Contractors are ahead of schedule and all of this work is expected to be completed in time for our spring rental season and our 95th Summer on the Sandy River!

Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who helped move tables, benches, and other items out of Raker in November. In March we will have two service days (March 9th and March 10th) to help get this space cleaned up and ready for the season. You can find out more and register on the Events page.

(Corporate Day of Service volunteers moving tables and benches into Uncle Toby’s)

(kitchen floor repairs)

(floor joist replacement and removal of walkway to be replaced with decking)

(old fir floors to be replaced with new oak flooring)

(oak floors curing)

(improved access walkways and decking on House of Health side of Raker Lodge)

(oak floors being laid)