Camp Namanu

Be sure to read the following information thoroughly as some minor changes have taken place since last summer.

Pick Up and Drop Off at Namanu

On the way to camp, families may choose to either drop their camper off at Namanu and watch them join their group, or send their campers on a song-filled bus ride to camp from Warner Pacific College. Due to the fact that our road into camp is a single lane, the drop-off times will happen in 2 waves, with the road designated as one-way traffic in alternating directions.

WE WILL BRING ALL CAMPERS TO Warner Pacific College at the end of each session. Luggage will arrive first, and while you sign your camper out and collect any medications, adults may enjoy some special “Skriggleboggle Blend” coffee from Blind Coffee Roasters. Our wonderful camp store volunteers will be on hand to help commemorate the end of the week with t-shirts, hoodies, and more!

On the way TO CAMP families can choose one of the following options:
1. Drop your camper off at Namanu
2. Drop your camper off at Warner Pacific College for a song-filled bus ride to camp (cost of $25)
On the way home FROM CAMP families will pick campers up at Warner Pacific.

Warner Pacific College

2219 Southeast 68th Avenue
Portland, OR 97215

Camp Namanu
10300 SE Camp Namanu Rd
Sandy, OR 97055

Namanu Ranch
42185 Elsner Road
Sandy, OR 97055

In an effort to streamline the drop off process at Camp Namanu, this summer we have made a couple of changes to when campers should arrive at Camp. Be sure to check the 2017 Parent Guide for details on how and when to drop your Camper off at Camp Namanu. Please note the dates of your camp session, then use the Unit guide to find the time. Standard Full sessions end on Saturdays.