Unit: Bridges

Building Relationships, Identity, Determination, Goal-setting, Empowerment and Sparks!

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A camp leadership program for teens entering 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th grades. Bridges runs simultaneously along side our Namanu Day Camp in the City programs, and rotates with two week sessions at each Day Camp location.

Young people want to shape the world. The BRIDGES Leadership Program is specially designed for middle to high school aged youth to provide hands-on leadership experience in a day camp setting. Participants will build key skills in goal setting and perseverance and have opportunities to explore new interests and/or existing passions (Sparks) in a safe environment. The BRIDGES program endeavors to empower youth to find their voice and let it be heard!

The BRIDGES Leadership Program consists of two levels, each consisting of two weeks, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. Both levels offer a full progression of training, activity planning, experiential learning, implementing their pre-planned programs and activities and at the higher level, volunteerism and stewardship opportunities.

Jr. Leaders (6th & 7th grades)

  • To provide constructive programs for teens in 6th – 7th grades.
  • To develop a positive learning experience.
  • To improve self-image and develop a sense of responsibility.
  • To improve confidence and enhance interpersonal skills through hands on experience.
  • Introduction to environmental education, nature activities/crafts, and stewardship activities/projects.
  • To develop positive communication skills.
  • To develop age appropriate activities and to begin to understand teaching progressions.
  • Introduction to Growth Mindset.
  • Introduction to positive behavior support techniques.
  • Introduction to Observation Techniques used when responsible for children.
  • Introduction to camp crafts and how to teach them.
  • To develop orienteering/map & compass skills


Leader-In Training (7th, 8th, 9th grades)

  • To provide constructive programs for teens in 7th, 8th, 9th grades.
  • To provide work training opportunities that may lead to future employment.
  • To develop positive communication skills.
  • Develop the spirit of volunteerism in tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Implement age appropriate activities using a sequence of teaching progressions.
  • Participate in a stewardship project planning for day/resident camp.
  • Learn how to create engaging programming for younger campers.
  • Facilitate a Team Building Activity.
  • Learning the responsibilities of being a counselor.
  • Develop personal Positive Behavior support techniques.
  • Develop Observation Techniques used when responsible for children.
  • Develop individual goals for camp; reflecting on the experience, what they learned, and how the lessons/skills can be applied to future goals.
  • To further develop camp craft and orienteering/map & compass skills themed event.


Both Levels

  • A BRIDGES T-shirt.
  • Two snacks each day.
  • Graduation Celebration at the Closing Friday Campfire event (2nd week).
  • General program costs (supplies, staffing, transportation, field trip fees, etc.).


Bridges Program Rotation Schedule & Rates
Financial Assistance
Cancellation Policies


Kasen, age 6, attended Mini Blue Wing for his first time last summer though his first visit was to family camp in 2009 when he was 9 days old. Since then he has returned for Family Camp every year it has been offered and many service weekends, initially chilling in Raker in camp
craft style play pens built of sideways benches, noweager to go on hikes and write letters to Mr Skriggleboggle.

- Jamie Sandness

Namanu alum and mom to Kasen (age 6)



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