Rental Packages at Camp Namanu

Camp Namanu has a unique combination of historic and natural environments to make your event unforgettable. Offering picturesque settings, a wide variety of cabins, lodges and meeting spaces, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, Camp Namanu is an ideal setting for a magical day or week. Weekend dates fill up quickly so be sure to make your arrangements well in advance.

We have created these Packages to accommodate small to mid-sized groups. We are confident they will give your group the space and amenities they need to have a great experience. Be sure to look through our Add-On Activities to make your stay even more fun!

  1. Blue Wing Retreat (sleeps 55) includes:
    Blue Wing Lodge (program space) and 4 Blue Wing Cabins
    Fee: $1,450 Weekend (2 nights, Friday to Sunday) or $1,000 Weekday (2-night rental, Sunday to Thursday)
  2. Raker Retreat (sleeps 75) includes:
    Raker Dining Hall (program space), Ginny’s Lodge (program and sleeping), Blue Wing Lodge (meeting space) and 4 Blue Wing Cabins
    Fee: $2,400 Weekend (2 nights, Friday to Sunday), $2,000 Weekday (2 night rental Sunday to Thursday)
  3. Sandy River Retreat (sleeps 175) includes:
    Raker Dining Hall (program building), Uncle Toby’s Story House (program space), Ginny’s Lodge (program & sleeping space), 4 Blue Wing Cabins, 7 Sherwood Cabin
    Fee: $4,500 Weekend (2 nights, Friday to Sunday), $3,800 Weekday (2 night rental Sunday to Thursday)
  • Food and cleaning services available
  • Numerous on-site activities including climbing, hiking, ropes course, archery, swimming, and boating.
  • Please note availability limitations during camp season:
  • June & September: exclusive use only – base fee starts at $7,000 per weekend.
  • July & August, Thanksgiving through Valentines Day: Rentals unavailable.

Visit our Rental Calendar to check availability.

How to Apply for a Rental

Step One

Download the Camp Namanu Rental Guide and/or contact the Camp Namanu Rental Manager at or 971-340-1593 to confirm date availability. Answer any initial rental questions, and schedule site tour (tour is optional but strongly encouraged).

Step Two

Download and complete the Camp Namanu Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver.

Step Three

Download and complete the Rental Spaces and Activities Form to select group space, cabin/lodge overnight space, dining service, or desired activities.

Step Four

Submit signed Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver, Rental Spaces and Activities Form, along with 40% of total rental fee to the Camp Fire Columbia main office.

Rental reservation confirmed within 5 business days after receipt of agreement and deposit.

Additional Steps and Deadlines

90 days prior to arrival date, additional 40% total rental fee deposit due to Camp Fire office.
30 days prior to arrival date, remaining balance and insurance certificate due.
14 days prior to arrival date confirm number of guests for activities (if applicable).

Namanu Map & Facility Descriptions

Camp Namanu Map w/ Cabin Names
Rental Guide with Facility Descriptions
Driving Directions to Camp Namanu

Please note: Rental opportunities are limited and groups are often booked up to one year in advance. All prices listed assume overnight stays. Please contact us for day use rates, as availability and options change.

We highly recommend you visit Camp Namanu prior to booking a reservation to ensure that our site will meet your group’s needs. We must escort visitors, and want to answer any questions that arise, so please inquire with our staff about the best time to visit.


Please take a moment to fill out our Namanu Rentals Question Form. It is our goal to respond within 2 business days.
You are also welcome to contact our Rental Manager for more rental information at

Camp Fire Columbia is an inclusive organization and does not discriminate based on race, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any other aspect of diversity.