Greetings from Namanu!

August! You spend the month enjoying the height of the summer, and then it is suddenly over. You wonder where all the time went, what all those lovely campers are doing during their last precious weeks of summer. I’ve had a fantastic month, a beautiful end to a fantastic summer, but as I walk around this week I feel a certain bittersweetness with all the quiet. The nights are getting longer, and I’ve started drying huckleberries and putting away hazelnuts for the winter. Now that campers are gone, I have a lot more time on my hands.

Blue Jeans and Barbecue

At the beginning of the month I dressed up all fancy for Namanu’s big fundraising event. A bunch of us elves and fairies go all-out for the party, sometimes even making new outfits to show off. We spend most of the day joining the humans for their festivities; I had a chance to climb the rock wall between human groups, and even practiced my archery a bit. After listening to music and watching the humans enjoy camp, we held our private Elf & Fairy auction, where you can buy Grade AAA Big-leaf maple syrup and Trailing Blackberry preserves, as well as drawings and sculptures of camp. My understanding is that both fundraisers—the humans’, for camp, and ours, for all sorts of elfin projects—were very successful.

Days roaming camp, nights at the typewriter

My goodness, have I had plenty of chances to write letters this month! I pulled so many letters out of my mailbox that I spent many nights feverishly typing away, and completely lost count of the number of them. It was amazing! The campers had such interesting questions, and many of their letters were very sweet. I just love their drawings and their friendly words.

During the day, I had plenty of time for creek walks, edible plant hikes, the Weavery, and swimming. Every day I did something new and exciting. I learned how to tie a new knot from Comet, and made a beautiful candle with help from Tiger Lily. I also strolled around Blue Wing, seeing all those beautiful new spaces put to great use for our youngest campers. In the evenings I sometimes joined units on their overnights, and managed to catch every campfire and Riverbox Theater. I loved watching Riverbox in the beautiful Uncle Toby’s, dangling my legs from the balcony in Backwoods.

The end of the summer

P8200162The last week of summer greeted camp with some unexpected rain. Now, I don’t know about you, but I love rain at camp. I think it’s about the most special thing ever. Plants perk up, newts stroll out of the duck pond, and you have puddles to jump in. I put on my boots and started jumping as soon as those puddles filled up. I also love overnights in Uncle Toby’s, and playing rain games in general. I love eating dinner in Raker after a rainy day, feeling the warmth of the food and the coziness of the building in the evening hours.

I suppose there’s a lot of that to look forward to in the months to come. I’m excited for September, and for Outdoor School to begin this fall, and to warm up my fireplace for the chilly months. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, dear campers, because it’s been great, one of the greatest summers in my long memory. The fall and winter months are great times to think of Namanu, to hold its memories close and let them fill you with laughter and warmth. Keep in touch with your friends, gaze fondly at some camp photos, and enjoy the fall.

Mr. Skriggleboggle