Greetings from Namanu!

P5290063May is such a joyous month here at camp. Every day I wake up a little bit earlier, and lie in bed listening to the birds singing and the river rushing by. When I wander through camp, I love taking a close look at the flowers, and feeling the warm wind that sometimes rushes by. This May has been a little rainy, but everyone seems to be having a great time anyway. And with less than a month until summer camp, I’ve been busy! I tidied my mailbox and oiled my typewriter, ready for all that camper mail sure to flood in soon.

On the wing

My absolute favorite place to walk right now is up to Blue Wing, to visit the four stunning new cabins that seem to have sprouted up overnight. When you walk up past Blue Wing Lodge, your eye catches them just a little; they’re perfectly nestled into the land. Each one looks a bit like a miniature Blue Wing Lodge, with a green roof and lovely porch. I’ve wandered around inside each of them, marveling at how spacious and sweet they are. I just can’t wait to take a nap in each one.P5170127

Through the ages

I was sneaking down my trail to visit the Nature House the other day when I heard crying, coming from a cabin on Robin Hill! Alarmed, I crept toward the doorway. I couldn’t bring myself to peek in, but at that very moment, the crier came out the door, held by its mom! It was a human baby! There are never babies in camp! After creeping around a little more, I discovered it wasn’t the only weird age around. It seemed like everyone was here, from babies on up. And they were all enjoying camp. They ate in the dining hall, danced the Virginia Reel, sang songs, and even played Bingo. I came to understand this was Family Camp, a time once a year when everyone can come to camp.

P5300078Outdoor School’s time at Namanu this spring is coming to a close. It’s a bittersweet time for me, because I’ve grown to enjoy their company and traditions. I’ll miss singing along with their campfires every night and visiting the animals they catch. I enjoy watching their lessons from the bushes, picking up factoids for the summer and learning along with the kids. At the same time, their departure means we’re that much closer to summer camp! But I will surely miss them.

On the banks of the Sandy

You would be amazed by the river this month. For a few days, Namanu got really hot—hot enough that I dipped my toes and hat in the creek to cool off, and hot enough that people wore shorts and t-shirts. After a few hours of this heat, the river went way up, flooded with snow melting from Mount Hood. I watched as sand and plants were erased by the muddy, gushing torrent. Then, as quickly as the heat came, it vanished, and was replaced by a chilly, soaking rain that flooded the river some more. It’s been a very exciting time. Although I haven’t ventured out into the water myself (it seems dangerous) I have built a few unmanned sailboats and launched them down the river.

Maybe you’ll see them, bobbing along downstream, and think of me. Either way, I can’t wait to see you all again. By the next time I write, summer camp will have started, and I can’t tell you how ready I am for all of your songs, laughs, and questions.

Mr. Skriggleboggle