Greetings from Namanu!

PA310070There’s nothing like October to make an elf feel young again. Walking knee-deep in fallen leaves, smelling woodsmoke in the air, sitting by the river with the sun warming my back—I could have a million Octobers in a row and feel great. This month has been fantastic, with sunny days for Outdoor School, great visits with friends, and even some mail for me to answer. As the days grow shorter I spend more time in my favorite chair, next to my woodstove, writing. I’m gathering food for the winter, but I’m not working too hard. October is meant to be enjoyed.

Watching leaves fall

PA310096If you sit by the river long enough, you can almost see the leaves changing. Up and down the Sandy River canyon, green big-leaf maples turn yellow, then orange, until the leaves come gliding down to float on the water. I love imagining their new journeys. I try to get the kids at Outdoor School to watch them too, but they’re too absorbed in what they’re learning. Every time I sneak by a group, I marvel at how hard it is to distract them. The kids are all smiling, having fun, intrigued by science. Every once in awhile they’ll watch the leaves falling, and that’s good enough for me.

A new bathtub

PA310090I’m always looking for good places to take a bath. I love the dew fairy shower in my house, but sometimes I want to sit in a nice pool of water, maybe even with some bubble bath and a good book. I found a great tub the other day, in a secluded spot near the new Blue Wing unit. I didn’t even have to fill it with water! I sat there, reading Kubrik the Outlaw, until my toes were all pruney and I had to get out.

Sal’s Lucky Underdog Gastropod

October is the time for festivities in the woods. This month I’ve stuffed myself with harvest delicacies, stood next to bonfires, and sipped delicious hot cider. But the most impressive event this month was Sal’s Lucky Underdog Gastropod contest. There, I watched slugs performing the most amazing feats. My favorite was the tightrope show, where this particular slug won. Along with a medal, this lucky slug was awarded a large chunk of prize fungus.


I just love receiving letters when I’m not expecting them. I’ve opened my mailbox a few times this month, to see if there’s any news from camp, and I’ve found letters in it! This makes my heart gleeful. I’ve spent many an evening responding to the great questions from campers young and old.

I hope next time you’re at camp, you’ll be sure to write. I hope your October was as beautiful, warm, and festive as mine, and that you’re holding your memories of Namanu close to your heart as winter approaches.

Mr. Skriggleboggle