Camp offers today’s teens and tweens the opportunity to explore nature while learning more about themselves and the world. Campers are able to take on new adventures, build resilience, and connect (or reconnect) with nature.

Camp Fire takes great pride in providing opportunities for youth to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. Time spent at Camp Namanu help teens and tweens grow while making friends and having fun!

challenge course

Teens tackle our Challenge Course 

Developing Youth Leaders at Camp Fire

At Namanu, our older campers are encouraged to take on more active leadership roles within their cabins and units. We challenge them to plan their cabin schedule and often to cook their own meals! Older campers have more complex and adventurous activities to choose from, such as: hiking upstream in a creek, finding success on our high ropes circuit, and creating textiles in The Weavery. Campers learn new skills and are able to push themselves to new heights. During the week, cabins work together and learn from one another as they take on these new challenges.

For those who would like even more, we offer an “Adventure Day” add-on. Choose from either white water rafting or a trip up to the Mt Hood Adventure Park to find new experiences and excitement.

Camp Namanu Resident Camp

As Namanu campers grow older and return summer after summer they are offered more activities and experiences to choose from. Going into 6th grade, Robin Hill campers get their first shot at heading upstream on a creek hike, and working together on the low challenge course.

7th grade Kiwanis campers get to choose their level of challenge on our high ropes circuit, overlooking the beautiful Sandy River valley. We also spark their imagination with a visit to The Weavery to create textile art.

Going into 8th and 9th grade, Pioneer campers live in a unit complete with their own kitchen and chuck wagon! Up in the tree houses, our Balagan campers, going into grades 10-12, work together. They learn from one another while listening to the soothing sounds of the Sandy River. For those Pioneer and Balagan campers who would like an extra adventure, we also offer an “Adventure Day” add-on. Campers will either go white water rafting or up to the Mt Hood Adventure Park to find new challenges and excitement.

If you need more than just an Adventure Day, Outpost may be the unit for you! Outpost unit gives high school campers the chance to learn outdoor skills. Campers get to put them to use on a multi-day backpacking trip on Camp Namanu’s 552 acres. Throughout their trek, Outpost campers work together to prepare their meals. Teamwork helps them to assemble their shelters, and purify their drinking water. This all takes place with the guidance of trained staff members.

namanu ranch teen

Namanu Ranch Trail Ride

Namanu Ranch

Campers in grades 6-12 can enjoy time at Namanu Ranch, which is a horse lover’s paradise. Our riding instructors teach horse-craft skills and safety practices. Campers live near the horses in open-air cabins beside the Ranch House.

Our Half Session Ranch program (for campers entering grades 6-9) is designed to give beginning riders a taste of the Namanu Ranch lifestyle. The Standard Ranch program (for campers entering 6th – 12th grades) is designed for beginning and intermediate riders, with the exception of Sessions One and Two, which are reserved for experienced riders. This year we are offering a Half Ranch/Half Resident Camp option for campers who would like a little of what both camps have to offer. As this is our first year for this option, it is only offered during session 7. The Extended Ranch program (for campers entering 7th – 12 grades) is perfect for the intermediate rider who wants more time to hone their skills.

In addition to working with the horses, Namanu Ranchers may participate in some main camp activities, including fabric weaving, swimming, rock climbing on the tower, high & low ropes courses, and campfires.

Namanu’s Leadership Programs

Camp Namanu has programs for teens and tweens who are looking to further develop their leadership skills. Camp Fire is committed to building caring future leaders.

Gears & CITs (Grades 10-12)

Our Resident camp offers a service program called Gears with applications available to campers going into grades 10-12 and due in early January. The Gears help to keep the dining hall running smoothly. They focus on coordinating groups for setting and clearing tables, washing dishes, and running meals. The comprehensive and competitive Counselor-In-Training program is a 2-year program for High School campers to gain skills necessary to become Youth Development Professionals. Applications are due in December and interviews take place soon after.

Teens and tweens have many program options at Camp Namanu. No matter which they choose, campers will practice new techniques and learn to work as a team. Summer adventures await!