Bring camper medications with you to your check-in on the first day of camp. Medications (other than rescue medications*) are stored, locked, and dispensed under the direct supervision of the Nurse or Health Care Team.

NOTE: All medications must be in original packaging (Rx or OTC) with specific written instructions for use. We are unable to distribute unmarked medications to the camper.

  • All medications including rescue medications* must be turned in and will be carried and administered by our staff.
  • All medications must be listed with dosage and time of day given on the Health History form.
  • All prescribed medications must have the camper’s name and dosages on the label.

Rescue Medications*
Bee Sting/Allergic Reactions: If your camper has a known allergy to bee stings, or other severe allergic reactions, the camper must bring an appropriate treatment kit to camp.

History of asthma: If your camper has a history of asthma, you must provide medication for treatment. Even if your camper has not used this medication recently, camp activity (heat, cold water, or dust) can aggravate symptoms and we want to have every tool at our disposal to keep your camper safe.

Our nurse will bring medication to every meal and call in campers to retrieve their meal time medications. If a camper needs a medication at non-meals or as needed they will be accompanied by a buddy or their cabin to the health center. The nurse and healthcare team will administer the medication at that time.