Campers enjoy getting mail at camp! However, the Postal Service can take more time than one would think to transport letters out to Namanu. We do not recommend sending letters or packages to your camper by postal services. If you would like to send your camper an encouraging note or picture, please follow these guidelines:

Turn letters in at check-in. All letters must have:

  • Camper’s Name
  • Unit Name
  • Session Number
  • Day you would like it to be delivered


John Doe
Session 3
Please deliver Tuesday

*Please Note: Mail will not be delivered on Sunday or Saturday*

Campers also enjoy writing letters home while they are at camp. For younger campers, we suggest sending them with stationery that contains a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. We will do our best to ensure that any mail that we do not think will make it through the US Postal system will be available on the last day of the session to be handed over at pickup.